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Bathroom Remodel
Bathroom Remodel

Is installing a heated floor in a bathroom remodel for $1500 extra going to worth it when we sell?

It depends on the neighborhood. How long until you are planning on selling?

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How would you display decks of playing cards?

I have a collection of playing card decks. I would like to display some of the most unique decks the main room of my house, but this presents a problem. The more unique decks have a different picture on the face of each card, and in order to really show these decks off, people would at least need to be able to browse them.

So, any suggestions on how to display card decks?

what about using those small “brag book” photo albums for them. They are easy to slip the cards into and you can put a couple on each page so all the pictures are visible. This would protect them from the oils off of peoples hands as well.

Another thought is the trading card plastic covers that are available for things like pokemon or baseball cards. Those would be easy enough to put two cards into, facing the backs outwards and still protect the cards from handling.

Deck Building Part 1


Home Improvements
Home Improvements

home improvements?

my husband and i bought our first house in december of ’06. we just now got a little money to start doing a few home improvements and we thought about starting out with the cheap stuff in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. the plan is to paint, put in new light and faucet fixtures, pull up the carpet in the living room and hallway. if we have a little extra money we may replace the counter tops in the kitchen. i had also thought possibly buying sofa and recliner chair covers since we don’t have the money to go out and buy all new furniture right now. the colors i was thinking was a lighter medium color green in the kitchen, medium yellow in the living room and a very very light blue almost white with a blue tint in the bathroom. we want to open up the house and make it appear to be bigger does anyone have any suggestions on websites or stores that have reasonably priced stuff for us to check out? thanks so much!

this site is name brand stuff just cheaper so you can offord it

also check out home depot and lowes sites so you can see if theres any clearances

Home Improvement: Tool Time Part 1


New Home Construction
New Home Construction

When do we start the loan process for a new home construction home?

My husband and I are buying a new home. The house is currently under construction but it won’t be completely done until the Spring or Summer of next year. When should I start speaking with someone regarding a loan for the house?

My husband and I bought a newly constructed home out in Las Vegas, Nevada about a year ago. Before the home developer would even allow us to put an “earnest money deposit” down for the house, we had to get “prequalified” with a mortgage lender… this could be done anytime before your house is finished, with any mortgage lender/broker/bank.

Then about 3-6 months BEFORE the house was scheduled to be finished, we started to call around different mortgage lenders to shop around for best “interest rates and closing costs” terms … We found “IndyMac Bank” out in California to be the best lender at the time we called… I had heard of this company through my parents who have a mortgage with them… when my parents had a hard time finding lenders who could give them a “very good / low interest rate term” for their mortgage, it was IndyMac Bank that stepped up… and when it came time for my husband and I to close, IndyMac Bank was there for us… it was easy to “close” with them because everything was done over the mail, phone, or fax with NO complications! Also, CountryWide Bank was another lender that was very helpful and provided fair terms.

I highly recommend checking out different mortgage lender rates and no matter who you eventually choose for your lender, I recommend you “rate lock” with NO ADDED FEES (aka: No Lock Fees) approximately 3-6 months before closing… so long as the rates are affordable for you at the time.

Also, please be aware that most lenders do not want to give long length “rate locks” out… example: more than 45 days before your house is scheduled to be completed … when you get something that is around 3-6 months of a lock, they will want to impose some sort of crazy “rate lock fee”… don’t fall for this! Always try to negotiate a Rate Lock with No Fees! Otherwise, keep calling around! Many, many lenders are out there, and they all want your business! But the main point for you in shopping around NOW is to “rate lock” at a very low interest rate as possible, while being able to afford the monthly mortgage payments and terms!

I would also recommend you check out … this site can help you see what the going interest rates according to the mortgage terms you want (example: 30 year conventional fixed, 15 year conventional fixed, 5 year ARM, 3 year ARM, etc…), based upon your location … since mortgage rates usually change daily. also provides good financial advice, as well as providing you with useful “financial calculators” (for example: they have mortgage calculators that can figure out how much you would end up paying for your house per month, given how much you plan to borrow/mortgage and how long you plan to take out the mortgage for (mortgage term).

Based upon the fact that your house will be done around Spring or Summer of 2007, I would start calling around the end of this month… because it makes me believe you may get better rates now that this year is ending and lots of companies will be willing to make last minute good deals to make up “quota” or boost their “end-of-year profits”, etc. For this same reason, it was also good to call at the end of the month, or the first week of the new month as opposed to the middle of a month to call for best rates… not always true, but from my personal experience, it seemed most likely.

Hope this helps… And I wish you a happy, speedy, and hassle-free closing!!!

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New Siding

December 7, 2011

New Siding Remove the old siding when installing new siding for my house? My home has old siding from the 50’s. I want to replace it. What will it cost? and should they put the new over the old? It is a 2 bedroom bungalow, 1000 SQ F. In your question you didn’t say what […]

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Window Replacements

December 6, 2011

Window Replacements Where can i find a rear window replacement for my 1989 BMW 750il? You can’t see the window but its on the passenger side in the back. Not looking for window motors or anything like that, just the actual window. I’ve been googling it for an hour now and all i can […]

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New Garage Construction

December 4, 2011

New Garage Construction New contruction home offer….please help? The house is a new construction, base price is 319,000. After all the upgrades it was listed at $338,900. (granite, tiles, stainless steel, bamboo flooring) My inital offer was $320,000 Seller pays closing costs. (this house is harder to sell compared to the other lots because of […]

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Room Additions

December 3, 2011

Room Additions What happens if I buy a home with unpermitted additions? I am looking at a home with an unpermitted family room addition and they built a shower in a bathroom both unpermitted. Could I get in trouble with the city or something if they find out? Typically, the city/county will go after the […]

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Kitchen Remodel

December 2, 2011

Kitchen Remodel What happens if permits aren’t pulled on kitchen remodel? We want to remodel our kitchen and want to move a low bearing wall 17 inches, apparently we need a struc engineer for that so we are thinking of just not getting a permit. Does anyone know what happens if we get “caught”? A […]

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December 1, 2011

Gazebos where can i buy one of those metal four point gazebos? for cheap? ours collapsed under the weight of some unexpected snow, and i was hoping i could buy another one for my mom for xmas. would they not be cheaper because its the off season right now? This one will be perfect as […]

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