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How would you display decks of playing cards?

I have a collection of playing card decks. I would like to display some of the most unique decks the main room of my house, but this presents a problem. The more unique decks have a different picture on the face of each card, and in order to really show these decks off, people would at least need to be able to browse them.

So, any suggestions on how to display card decks?

what about using those small “brag book” photo albums for them. They are easy to slip the cards into and you can put a couple on each page so all the pictures are visible. This would protect them from the oils off of peoples hands as well.

Another thought is the trading card plastic covers that are available for things like pokemon or baseball cards. Those would be easy enough to put two cards into, facing the backs outwards and still protect the cards from handling.

Deck Building Part 1

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