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Home Improvements

Home Improvements
Home Improvements

home improvements?

my husband and i bought our first house in december of ’06. we just now got a little money to start doing a few home improvements and we thought about starting out with the cheap stuff in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. the plan is to paint, put in new light and faucet fixtures, pull up the carpet in the living room and hallway. if we have a little extra money we may replace the counter tops in the kitchen. i had also thought possibly buying sofa and recliner chair covers since we don’t have the money to go out and buy all new furniture right now. the colors i was thinking was a lighter medium color green in the kitchen, medium yellow in the living room and a very very light blue almost white with a blue tint in the bathroom. we want to open up the house and make it appear to be bigger does anyone have any suggestions on websites or stores that have reasonably priced stuff for us to check out? thanks so much!

this site is name brand stuff just cheaper so you can offord it

also check out home depot and lowes sites so you can see if theres any clearances

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