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New Garage Construction

New Garage Construction
New Garage Construction

New contruction home offer….please help?

The house is a new construction, base price is 319,000. After all the upgrades it was listed at $338,900. (granite, tiles, stainless steel, bamboo flooring)

My inital offer was $320,000 Seller pays closing costs.
(this house is harder to sell compared to the other lots because of privacy)

The Seller counter offer is $337,000 and will pay closing costs (3%)

What should my next offer be?

(there is a 3rd bay garage that I wan them to convert into a play room, should I include this into the offer)

Go with $330,000, but remember, if they are paying 3% of your closing costs, they are only going to get $320,100 which is your initial offer without closing costs. This seems reasonable. I would not mention the play room as that will require more permits and construction, could be a deal breaker.

The New Garage

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