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New Siding

New Siding
New Siding

Remove the old siding when installing new siding for my house?

My home has old siding from the 50’s. I want to replace it. What will it cost? and should they put the new over the old? It is a 2 bedroom bungalow, 1000 SQ F.

In your question you didn’t say what kind of siding is on your house and what kind you are replacing it with. The type of siding makes a difference in the overall cost of the job. You defiantly want to remove all the old siding so you can inspect the wall sheathing for rot or insect damage. Have your siding contractor re nail all wall sheathing if you have any concerns about the fasteners already in the sheathing.

The ‘Royal Scot’ (with coaches) backs into her new siding…

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